SNAPSHOT: Supporting entrepreneurship in the South African region
February 21, 2018

CASE STUDY: Finding the niche

The petroleum space in South Africa has over 300 players competing in the wholesale trade, and only 50 players operating in the supply-chain. Additionally, margins on the supply-side far outstrip those on the wholesale side. By focusing on crude-oil supply, Beryl Holdings has positioned itself in the most lucrative niche of the market.

This niche position is further strengthened by its B-BBEE accreditation, given that the latest South African government’s directive requires 10% minimum of all crude oil to be sourced from B-BBEE companies.

Similarly, in all its core sectors, Beryl Group can assist multinational businesses, through the establishment of joint ventures, to tender for government projects. A growing number of multinationals are excluded from participation in tender bidding because of inadequate B-BBEE compliance.