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SNAPSHOT: Innovatec Africa

Training is Innovatec’s foremost passion. It allows the company to service the vast and ever-growing need in South Africa and across the continent, for skills and specialization.

Though the training material is often the same as other companies, the classroom experience offered is completely unique, thanks to their carefully fine-tuned and highly engaging pedagogical approach. Last year, their customer satisfaction — as recorded through online reviews — was 94.7%.

Innovatec currently has nine training centres nation-wide. Its five-to-seven-year plan is to get more centres up and running in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa, and to become a fully listed entity.

In addition to its training division, Innovatec also offers corporate assistance via its technology, managed-services, infrastructure, and finance divisions.

It aims to offer bespoke, customer-specific training-and-technology solutions to small-to-medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs), corporate organisations and governmental institutions across Africa. In so doing, it aims to become a major contributor to the continent’s skill-development and economic growth.

Innovatec’s vision is to create a “rubberstamp” in South Africa which it can eventually transfer to the rest of the continent. As a Microsoft-certified training-partner, it will initially concentrate on those African countries with an established Microsoft presence: Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Botswana, to name a few.