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February 21, 2018
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SNAPSHOT: Snapshot Bolloré International Group

The Bolloré Group is a Forbes 500 Corporation. It is among the five largest freight-forwarding and project-logistics companies in the world. In Africa, it is the largest player, providing import and export logistics-support throughout the continent.

Bolloré competes with major global freight-forwarders such as UPS and DHL, which even often contract Bolloré for their Africa assignments.

As of last year, Bolloré was active in 45 out of the 47 African countries, employing over 25,000 individuals.

In 2013, it had a turnover of EUR2.8 billion, moving 3.5 million containers and 7.5 million tons of cargo. The firm has 16 port concessions, concentrated mainly in West Africa. It has two rail concessions, which will be active for another 30 years.

Like Beryl Holdings, Bolloré prioritises CSI: it has invested roughly EUR250 million into infrastructural and humanitarian development in Africa; from the rehabilitation and expansion of railways and ports, to the construction of schools and hospitals