Beryl Holdings has also set up an agro-commodity platform and through its partners is heavily involved in the Agricultural Commodity space and is now trading various commodities across the Continent.

Given the past success and exciting opportunities of agribusiness in Africa, a concerted focus on this single sector presents the best opportunity for realizing the economic growth and social transformation on the continent.

Considering this, Beryl Group made a decision to venture into this sector to support the African industry as a whole, to unlock value for the African farmers and to cater for the huge demand for maize, wheat, soya beans, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals within Southern Africa, as current installed capacity is not meeting this demand.

Against the above stated background, Beryl has aligned the following Trade Parameters, which are vital for viable Agriculture Trade:

Having both stakes in Bolloré Africa Logistics SA, Beryl Group is able to provide an extensive range of complete solutions in the Agricultural Commodity space:
  • Procurement and sourcing of various commodities across the Continent and worldwide, including Fertilizer, Maize, Wheat, Soya, Beans, and Rice, through a wide network of international partner-companies in the sector;
  • Structuring services: advisory on the best way to structure each commodity transaction on a fiduciary, compliance and tax perspective;
  • Financing solutions: based on the client’s trading and capital requirements, the team provides capital raising and structured financing options through either debt, equity, mezzanine, quasi-equity, other financial instruments, or a mixture of those instruments, and/or through a listing on the Stock Market; and
  • Logistics, clearance, warehousing and distribution services: through its strong partnership with Bollore Africa Logistics, Beryl offers a complete range of commodity management services, including collateral management if required, that address the client’s needs for optimised flow of goods, stock and cost reduction and leave the client free to focus on its core business. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et


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