Beryl Group owns 100% of Beryl Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Through strategic partnerships the entity aims, to be involved in the production and distribution of energy needed to power the economy.

Service Offerings

Non renewable energy

Petroleum products

Natural gas



Beryl holds a Wholesale licence which allows us to sell finished products such as Diesel and Gasoline to end users within the wholesale market. Through strategic relationships we are able to source, secure and supply different strands of crude to our end customers.



As Beryl Group we remain cognizant of the just energy transition that needs to take place globally. Africa is the next global renewables driving force – with almost unlimited potential of solar capacity (10 Terrawatts) ample hydro (350 Gigawatts) and wind energy (110 Gigawatts). To this effect, our endeavours in renewable energy have accelerated. In line with the global focus of becoming energy conscience, it is only natural for us to be positioned as a key player in the sector.

Our solutions and technologies are cost effective, efficient and benefit the climate, the environment, and the economy.

Our current geographic focus is Africa, as we seek to be central in moving the continent to alternative means of energy generation and transmission.

Service Offerings

We achieve this through our services and employing various technologies in gas and renewables with a keen focus on the following:

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology


Hydro energy

As a key player in the sector we seek to be instrumental in contributing to a diversified energy mix on the continent.

Beryl Group owns 100% of Beryl Energy, its subsidiary in this sector. The entity is divided into three core companies: GasCo, PetroleumCo and BitumenCo — with additional opportunistic investments in such non-core areas as hydropower.

Beryl Group set up GasCo to respond to the country’s imminent transition to natural gas. Specifically, it is involved in the process of converting the country’s open-cycle gas turbines, which are diesel-operated, into closed-cycle gas turbines, which can be operated by gas. Beryl Group is also involved on the supply side, providing cheap alternative energy in high volumes.

Another major gap in the energy space is the lack of proper road infrastructure in some of South Africa’s neighbouring countries which severely short circuits economic growth. Via Beryl Energy’s BitumenCo, there is a plan to get involved in the road-construction sector, supplying material such as bitumen.

Finally, the PetroleumCo is responsible for all Beryl Group’ oil sourcing and supply. Overall, the strategy in the energy space - Beryl Energy - is to find and package cheap, sustainable solutions for its clients.