Bettr Bank

Beryl Financial Services has partnered with, and acquired a stake in Bettr Bank – a disruptor in the banking sector. Bettr is a digital bank that offers a better alternative, particularly to the youth (millennials and Gen-Z).

A complete smartphone–powered, virtual banking experience: Bettr is creating an all–new, transparent style of banking to fit an on-demand lifestyle.

Along with zero monthly account fees, the bank will reward good financial behaviour through its lifestyle partner rewards, inspiring spend-checking and micro-investments to help customers reach personal goals faster.

Bettr Bank Offers The Following:

Digital customer onboarding (zero physical face-to-face)

Digital bank account and digital card

Accounts for individuals as well as small and medium enterprises

Cash-back rewards

Interest on savingsZero monthly feesMarketplace platform

Bettr is the first and only digital banking platform in Africa also targeting content creators on digital platforms to monetise their creativity. Bettr seeks to attract entrepreneurially minded people, while seeking to drive better financial decision-making, particularly among the youth.


Through our partnership with SAFYR Capital, Beryl Group is able to be a leading investment company with a clear focus and a culture of excellence that delivers the best financial investment solutions and services to its clients.

The SAFYR Group of companies is a boutique financial services group with its headquarters in Mauritius, offering its customers wealth enhancement. The SAFYR team has a combined experience of more than 70 years in the financial services industry and has facilitated and unlocked value for many high net-worth international clients, with a specific focus on the African market.

The African expertise and presence of the Group makes it one of the best regional players to service a wide range of clients, offering them a complete solution ranging from fiduciary, corporate advisory, private equity access, listings, and back-office support.

Our Financial Services division focuses on identifying investment opportunities within the financial services industry. We do this by forging strong relationships with other players in the industry, which allows us to create value and using our collective strengths to create synergy.