Beryl Group invests in organisations that have potential for high growth, constantly sourcing opportunities and adding value through its networks.


Having identified an investee company, Beryl Group works to add continuous value to the Management and Executive levels of this company and unlike its competitors - does not become involved in dictating operational and management decisions. Beryl Group has specifically chosen not to invest in any companies with competing interests in favour of an eco-system where their subsidiaries complement one another, facilitating each other’s success.

In 2008, Generosity Water, Inc. (now called Generosity.org) was originally founded by father-son team Philip and Jordan Wagner as a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries. Since the inception of Generosity.org, they have raised over $4 million, funding over 600 water projects, giving clean water to over 450,000 people around the world. Convinced that a “for-purpose” sustainable business model could play a tremendous role in solving the water crisis, Jordan Wagner along with Co-Founder Micah Cravalho started Generosity Beverages, Inc., a for-profit company, in 2014. While the original non-profit entity evolved to become Generosity.org, Generosity Beverages launched their first product under the name Generosity Water.

More than selling water, we believe that people matter and everything we do is an expression of that fundamental value.

Generosity Beverages, Inc. gives two people clean water for one month for every bottle purchased. Each bottle of Generosity Water is marked with a QR code that can instantly show the exact community your purchase supported!

Generosity Water Africa is spearheaded by Mr Neverl Kambasha as Chairman.

Find out more here: www.generositywater.co.za