Beryl Group is a Pan-African diversified investment company, focusing on strategic proprietary investments. It holds equity interests in a balanced portfolio of medium and large capitalised companies spanning across various sectors.

Beryl Group is a forward-looking company with a focus on long-term value. It selects its partner-companies strategically, singling out seasoned players within each sector who share their progressive outlook. In exchange for in-depth industry knowledge and expert capacity, Beryl Group offers its partner-companies access to an expansive network of resources and business relationships. Its partnership model has been tried-and-tested and has driven the vision of the company.

Beryl Group’s ability to structure high-calibre portfolios and cultivate lucrative partnerships has helped the company grow as a market leader in strategic equity-acquisitions and project financing. The investments of Beryl Group are uncompromisingly performance-driven, to ensure highly attractive and sustainable returns for its stakeholders. Beryl Group’s dynamic, dedicated and highly specialised team oversees various aspects of the business strategy and is positioned to grow a Pan-African base under the leadership of Neverl Kambasha (Chairman) and Dr Reabetswe Kgoroeadira (Group CEO).

Our strategy is driven by the transformation mandate. Therefore, the Group either seeks to hold a controlling stake in its investments or a minority stake in companies where it is involved strategically with proper representation at the board and management levels. Beryl Group primarily drives its African business out of Mauritius but also has a strong presence in South Africa where it principally focuses on specific sectors in which it has acquired extensive knowledge and experience.

Beryl Group’s tactic is simple: to select the portfolio that best serves its strategy. Portfolio-selection is the central kernel of Beryl Group’ success.